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What makes our group special?

Release Information

TheNorthCop provides the highest level of release information for all releases. As a member you will receive access to complete release guides for every drop! Along with the release information you will also have access site lists, methods to cop, bot setups, advice and much more.


Tired of taking the L on releases? As a member you will have access to heavily discounted or free slots which are run on our bots and tools to ensure that you will have all bases covered when its release time.

Exclusive Information

In TheNorthCop you will have access to early and exclusive information such as early links + variants, leaks, stock numbers, drop times and much more. We provide everything needed to cop whether you’re using a bot or not!

24/7 Support

Members of TheNorthCop have access to our 24/7 support system, where no question goes unanswered. As a member of TheNorthCop you will be immersed in a community of sneaker enthusiasts who share the same interests as you!

Partnerships and Group Buys

Members of TheNorthCop have access to leading group buys for bots, proxies, tools and more. TheNorthCop offers partnerships with these companies to bring you discounted rates on lots of products!

Much More

TheNorthCop is always pushing boundaries and innovating to bring members exactly what they want. TheNorthCop provides exclusive tools, features, software and more which cant be found anywhere else in this community.

More Features

Frequently asked questions

Find all the answers to your questions here.

TheNorthCop is a premium group based on discord which provides members with key information and assistance to help members secure hype items for retail. TheNorthCop provides information, resources, tools and lots more to ensure all members are well prepared for upcoming releases.

Of course! TheNorthCop helps users of all levels and experience cop the items they want. If you are new, we will guide you through all the necessary steps to ensure even you are able to cop hyped items. TheNorthCop provides 24/7 one on one support to ensure all your questions are answered at any time of the day. New users typically get the hang of things and profit within the first day of joining.

TheNorthCop memberships are based on a monthly subscription system. Once you purchase a membership you are sent a Key which you can use on our dashboard to get access to the group. You are able to manage your membership directly on our website by logging in at the top, once logged in you can change/update payment information, unbind your discord or cancel your membership.

As a member you will gain exclusive access to information such as in store releases, shock drops, early links, strategies to copping, release guides for every drop and more. As a member you will also have access to 200+ Website monitors which allow you to directly add to cart any product that drops. There are many other exclusive features offered in the group which can’t be found anywhere else.

Nope! TheNorthCop provides information for every release around the globe. With our resources you will be able to cop even if you do not reside in Canada. TheNorthCop prides themselves in providing leading information for every release as well as hosting a community of sneaker enthusiasts based all around the globe but primarily Canada.


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"Just joined a little over a month ago, and all the info and tips have been insanely helpful on drops, 110% worth it."


"Well put together group that constantly improves, amazing value for the price."


"Best bang for your buck, only $21/month! Even with the low cost, the info, group and community are invaluable. Updated drop info, great staff and excellent owner/admin."


Success from our members.

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